Sensation overload

I have been experiencing a massive overload of sensation in Buenos Aires, and it has been nothing less than perfect.

Life for me now is all about Tango, Tango and Tango. And Spanish, which is a by-product from my desire to learn this beautiful dance that I have fallen in love with since my days in Rosario. My nights are packed with classes, milongas, learning the moves and the philosophy of the dance from incredible teachers, and getting awed and star-stuck night after night watching the best dancers own the dancefloor.

The dance is fluid, just like water.

It reminds me how life is – always changing, always unexpected. Yet there is comfort in a secured and definite embrace, allowing magic to happen at every moment. And how we should learn to adapt, flow, trust, let go of resistance, be open to possibilities, be gentle in every execution and enjoy every precious movement on the dance floor.

I am learning at every moment, to be present in the moment. To give undivided attention, to be fully committed in the present. 

I’ve been blessed to meet world-renowned maestros, teachers and dancers from all over the globe. And I have been absorbing all their stories and advice. I am now an over-saturated sponge, dripping with inspiration and my sensations are all tickled. It is both a scary and exciting journey to venture into this new world of the unknown – of letting go, and trusting the process.

And so I desire time for more introspection and understanding – but with a zillion and one thoughts zooming in my mind, a zillion and one entries await.

Hope everything has been nothing less than wonderful for you, my dear family and friends 🙂


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