There has been a flurry of activities these weeks – tons of travelling, birthday/farewell parties, people coming and going. I took a short trip to Buenos Aires last weekend and will be off to Valle de la Luna in San Juan (hola, dinosaurios!) the next. At the same time, 2 good friends of mine here are having their birthday and farewell (she goes back home to Switzerland) parties tomorrow, so there has been tons of fiesta preparation. It’s funny when everything always happens at the same time.

On a sidenote, I have decided to move to Buenos Aires in end April because I really like the city on my last visit. It has been a challenge looking for an apartment so far that’s well within budget, but that’s part of the deal leading a nomadic, sporadic lifestyle. It’s pretty fun, albeit the occasional hair-pulling moments. But I guess I just have to trust the process.

I apologize for the less-than-active updates as a result – I’ll be back, really soon 🙂


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